"If you open it, you must follow where it leads…"

Interred With Their Bones

A Tale of Two Titles

Interred With Their Bones is called The Shakespeare Secret in the UK and many other countries. Likewise, Haunt Me Still is called The Shakespeare Curse in the UK and elsewhere.

Here’s why…

Kate Stanley Series

“High-class fun” —Newsweek
“A brainy romp” —New York Times
“Utterly ingenious” —The Guardian

Translated into over 25 languages.

Brilliant young director Kate Stanley pursues Renaissance secrets and finds danger. She also finds the enigmatic Ben Pearl…

Historical Fiction

I am currently at work on a novel about Jan Van Eyck’s great painting, The Arnolfini Wedding, finished in 1434. At the moment, I’m calling it “The Door in the Mirror.” It’s told by the woman Jan Van Eyck loved, and loved to paint…

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ProLiteracy Book Club

Crazy Techno Book Club: video book club with ProLiteracy via YouTube Live

Rand Paul & The Speckled Monster

Senator Rand Paul gives a shout-out to The Speckled Monster during the Republican Presidential Debate, September 16, 2015

Novel in Progress

Jan Van Eyck was here: The Arnolfini Wedding Portrait by Jan Van Eyck (1434), National Gallery, London. Photo by petrus.agricola on flickr

Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth

“More like a mermaid than a queen”: Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth, by Sargent (1889), Tate Britain

Haunt Me Still Trailer (video)

Haunt Me Still / The Shakespeare Curse — Trailer

Haunt Me Still Audiobook (sample)

Haunt Me Still audiobook – Katherine Kellgren reads an excerpt

Ophelia at the moment of death, by Millais

Ophelia, weirdly alive at the moment of death, by Sir John Everett Millais (1851), Tate Britain

Interred With Their Bones / The Shakespeare Secret: “Glorious fun” (trailer)

Interred With Their Bones / The Shakespeare Secret: “glorious fun” in more than 25 languages… (video trailer)

Jennifer on The Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast

Listen to Jennifer talk with Austin Tichenor about researching and writing “Interred With Their Bones.” (By permission of the Reduced Shakespeare Company)

An old tease: Kate Stanley & Elizabeth I

“Same red hair and black Boleyn eyes”: Kate Stanley and Queen Elizabeth I

“Her Writing Journey” (with cat) — Arizona Daily Star, Sept. 30, 2007

“She timed escape routes on two continents, planned large-scale arson, cased buildings for break-in points…” (Photo by Jeffry Scott, © 2007 Arizona Daily Star)

Spanish Trailer for Sepultado con sus Huesos

Brilliantly eerie: the Spanish trailer for Interred With Their Bones (Sepultado con sus Huesos)

German Trailer for Die Shakespeare Morde

Burning Down the House: The German Trailer for Interred With Their Bones (Die Shakespeare Morde)

Polish Trailer for Szyfr Szekspira

Sexy Slavic Shakespeare: Polish trailer for The Shakespeare Secret (Szyfr Szekspira)

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu by Jonathan Richardson

The image bloomed upon his canvas: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu in her Turkish robes, by Jonathan Richardson, c. 1726 (Private Collection)…

Zabdiel Boylston, in my dreams

No portrait of Zabdiel Boylston survives, but this is how I like to imagine him…