Kate Stanley Series

“High-class fun” —Newsweek

“A brainy romp” —The New York Times

“Utterly ingenious” —The Guardian

Internationally best-selling thrillers translated into over 25 languages.

With red hair and dark eyes resembling the young Queen Elizabeth I, Kate Stanley is a brilliant young theater director with a reputation as an expert in both Shakespeare and the Renaissance occult. Delving into the mysteries of history, she attracts adventure and danger. She also attracts Ben Pearl, the founder of an elite British security firm. Together, they pursue some of the world’s most extraordinary lost treasures.

Book 1:

Interred With Their Bones / The Shakespeare Secret   opens with Kate directing Hamlet at Shakespeare’s Globe in London. When the Globe burns and Kate’s estranged mentor is killed, Kate is left with a small golden box and a shadowy enemy willing to kill for the treasure it contains.

Book 2:

Haunt Me Still / The Shakespeare Curse begins as a reclusive star woos Kate to Scotland to mount a new production of Macbeth at the foot of Dunsinnan Hill, the ancient fortress of the historical King Macbeth. All too soon, the play’s eerie evil seeps into reality in a trail of stolen artifacts, a young girl gone missing, and ritual murder.

Book 3:

Eventually, there will be a third book — after all, Kate and Ben’s story is not yet done — but that will have to wait until I’m finished with my current project.