Rand Paul & The Speckled Monster

Posted by on Sep 17, 2015

September 17, 2015

Last night, Senator Rand Paul (an M.D., as well as a senator) gave a shout out to The Speckled Monster as “an amazing story” during the Republican Presidential Debate on CNN. Sheepishly, I must admit that I was in the midst of bedtime routine. My daughter was watching Oscar’s Oasis while I spoke to my Dad on the phone, when suddenly my phone’s message signal — the sound of fairy magic, thanks to said daughter — began to sound off as if Tinkerbell was zipping around the kitchen in a fury.

Thank you, Senator Paul: overnight, The Speckled Monster went from sleepy book on Amazon to #123 in sales rank.

And national discussion of vaccination had some actual history injected into it. No matter your political stance, the more facts the better.



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